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Air Curtain Installation

Air Curtain Installation

Welcome to Midlink, home of Air curtains. This section intends to clarify the basic questions and doubts on installation and mounting of Air Curtains. Commonly known as Air doors are used as energy saving devices in cold storage facilities and walk in refrigerator, while they are used as air barrier to prevent dust, smoke and flying insects from entering the premises.

Air curtains are installed over the entrance, but when it comes to installation, the first question you may face with is – should they be installed inside or outside the entrance?. Air curtains function efficiently on either side of the entrance, but there are few scenarios where placing the Air curtain unit outside or inside is decided based on the requirement or usage.


Mounting the air curtains inside or outside of the entrance is correct if it’s used as a barrier to protect from dust, smoke and insects.
If it is used as energy saving device in cold storage units, where the loss of cold air will reduce the efficiency of storage units, installing the air curtain outside the entrance will be ideal, because mounting it inside will result in fans gathering moisture, forming snow on the fans reducing the efficiency, and may even lead to the failure of the air curtain.

Also the common question we face with Air curtain installation is “Can we operate the Air Curtain with doors remain open all the time?”, the answer is certainly “No”, though air curtains are created as air barrier or as a concept of air door, they provide around 80-85% thermal efficiency, and in cold storage facilities it will result in loss of refrigerated air, reducing the overall efficiency of the storage facility. It will also result in humidity buildup, leading to the failure of motors of air curtain and compressor burnout. Air Curtains must be considered as an energy saving device, which prevents the total loss of refrigerated air when the door is opened for access.


  • Mounting an Air Curtain inside the building is a must when used as thermal barrier to prevent heat loss in factories and food production sites.
  • Air curtains mounted inside and outside will have different impact with the ambience of the environment. Mounting Air curtains outside will reduce the sound to a great extent.
  • In case of obstruction over the doorway, Air Curtain can be installed little far from the wall, but not more than 8 inches for cold storage facilities and not more than 14 inches when used as air barrier for smoke, insects and dust. Always ensure there is no obstruction that deflects the air flow.
  • With wider entrances Air curtains can be mounted closer side by side, with 3 – 6 inches of space between them is acceptable, more space will not yield required efficiency.