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Anti Static Pvc Strip Curtains

Anti Static Pvc Strip Curtains

Anti static pvc strip curtains also knows as data center pvc strip curtains, are specially formulated with anti-static properties, suitable for data centers, server rooms, clean rooms, computer rooms, and workshops that deal with electronic components. It’s also durable and perfect for doorways with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Server room pvc strip curtains provides all the usual functionality of pvc strip curtains like protection from noise, pollution and temperature control, with an additional property to reduce the buildup of static electricity, which usually happens with plastic strips rubbing against each other.

Anti static curtains and strip doors are the perfect solution for separating areas that handles electronic equipment and circuits that can be damaged due to electrostatic shock. Our anti static pvc strip rolls meet the industry standards required for static discharge, and can be used indoor with temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +40 degrees centigrade. Our anti static pvc curtains were manufactured with quality and efficiency in mind, which makes them perfect curtains for hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment in the data center, known for performance, exceeds all fire and safety standards.

ADVANTAGES OF Anti Static Pvc Strip Curtains

  •  Efficient temperature control, stabilizes temperatures in your data center.
  • Prevents the buildup of static electricity, due to rubbing of pvc strips.
  • Protection for sensitive electronic components along with usual safety
  • features of PVC strip curtains.
  • Maximizes airflow dynamics and eliminates the wind tunnel effect caused by opening doors.
  • Flame retardant properties, imparts fire safety.

Midlink offers premium quality anti static pvc strips and a wide range of mounting systems for existing infrastructure. As a leading PVC strip curtains dealer and supplier, we can provide you good quality and pricing for our anti static pvc strip rolls, pvc strips, curtains and strip doors.