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Auto Urinal Flusher

Auto Urinal Flusher

Midlink Automatic urinal flusher keeps your restrooms and toilets germ free and odors, a real challenge in commercial buildings and offices. Traditional cistern flushing systems are ineffective as they use excess water to flush, resulting in wastage and shooting up the cost of maintenance, and occupies more space. Our Auto urinal flusher is designed for hands free automatic flushing.

Midlink Auto Urinal Flusher is stylish, compact, durable and highly efficient. They work by sensing the user and the amount of time spent by the user at the urinal, and decides the duration and amount of water required to flush, which keeps the urinals clean and eliminates the foul odor. The system can be operated with either electrically or battery operated. We can provide automatic electric urinal flusher in designs and finishes as required by the clients.


  • Saves Water and reduces cost.
  • Hand free user experience.
  • Durable, efficient and easy maintenance.
  • Keeps your hands and washroom germ free.
  • Compact design and perfect functionality