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Clear PVC Strip Curtains also knows as clear vinyl curtains or flexible transparent pvc curtains are widely used in industrial and commercial buildings where high visibility is required for easy traffic flow. They are made from additional and special plasticizers which makes them flexible, transparent and durable to withstand the high impact of the vehicles moving in and out. Transparent pvc strip curtain is also used to partition work spaces, which shields from dust and pollutants and insulates from temperature loss and noise, while maintaining visibility.

Flexible transparent PVC strip curtains are the best solution for busy warehouses where moving vehicles must be clearly visible from both sides, also withstands the wear and tear likely to happen because of forklifts and trucks constantly moving through the hanging pvc strip curtain. Industrial pvc strip curtains are the perfect and effective alternate to costlier and cumbersome construction materials, to provide a safer working environment and prevents damage to workers and equipment.


  • Provide an unlimited access for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Conserves energy by acting as a barrier and prevents temperature loss in climate controlled spaces.
  • Highly efficient in reduction or maintenance of heat or cold and humidity.
  • Designed with rounded edges to avoid injury.
  • Protects from dust and pollution.
  • Maintenance free experience, an occasional wash with plain water is enough.
  • Brilliant transparency does not interfere with natural light.

Midlink PVC strip curtains and PVC strip doors are made of unique U.V and chemical resistant materials, it’s also toxic and cadmium free. We provide you perfect finish starting from planning to installation. Clients can rest assured with our high quality pvc strips available in different sizes and specifications, can also be customized as per their requirements. As a leading pvc strip curtains supplier, we can provide you highly competitive prices.