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Cold Storage Pvc Strip Curtains

Cold Storage Pvc Strip Curtains

Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains or cold room pvc strip curtains are designed to withstand extremely low temperatures, prevents cold loss and saves energy. Cold Storage curtains are made of special cold-resistant and softening agents to keep the pvc strips flexible and to resist temperatures ranging from 0 degree to -40 degrees centigrade. They are also called as Industrial freezer curtains or Polar pvc curtains as they don’t deform or break at extremely low temperatures.

Cold storage pvc strip curtains are economical, saves energy and improves the efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage facilities and refrigerated trucks. They also provide the basic protection like prevention of dust, pollutants, insects and noise. Most of the time, when walk-in coolers are left open, it results in loss of cold air and degrades the performance of cold rooms, which can be completely eliminated with this type of pvc curtains.


  • Prevents temperature loss, saves energy.
  • Increases the efficiency of climate controlled rooms and cabins.
  • Special PVC strips that is durable in extreme cold.
  • Economical method to conserve energy
  • Facilitates easy access and amazing visibility to cold storage facilities.
  • Cold room strip doors increases the shelf life of cold stored goods up to 50%.

Midlink offers premium quality cold storage pvc strip curtains, in different range of colors. We are the leading pvc strip curtain dealers and suppliers, with decades of knowledge in Industrial grade PVC strips, we can provide you excellent quality and competitive pricing.