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Double Ribbed Pvc Strip Curtains

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains comes with trapezoidal ribs running along the pvc strip, for additional strength. There are two types of ribbed pvc strips – Single ribbed and Double ribbed. These ribbed pvc curtains are used at doorways with high traffic volume. Ribbed PVC strips protects the strips from high impact caused due to moving forklifts and trucks, keeps the strips scratch free and maintains clarity, they also protects from tearing and gives long life to pvc strip curtains.

ADVANTAGES OF Double Ribbed Pvc Strip Curtains

  • They are flexible and stronger than the flat pvc strips.
  • Tough and durable for longer life.
  • Stays clean and maintains visibility for longer periods.
  • Reduces the dust and greasiness building on the strips.

Ribbed pvc curtains are widely used in Airports, Automobile industry, Factory outlets and Warehouses. Midlink, the pvc strip curtain suppliers in Chennai, offers premium grade ribbed pvc strip curtains widely used in Industrial areas. You can get wide range of ribbed pvc strip rolls and custom made ribbed pvc curtains from us.