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Fly Killers


Fly killers or insects control machines attract and kill the flying insects using a light source that attracts the insects towards an electrical grid. The insects entering the machine move closer to the grid where they are electrocuted when they touch the grids with high voltage surging through them. Electrical Fly killers uses Ultra-Violet lamps that emit a wavelength of light that is attractive to the flies, to attract them. The dead flying insects are then retained in the catch tray, which can be disposed later.
Midlink fly killers features 2 powerful UV tubes with enough power to zap the insects. Our fly killing machines comes with removable collection tray for a hassle free collection of insects and easy disposal. Slim in design and perfect for tighter working spaces. Our electric fly killers will keep away flies, moths and mosquitoes throughout the year.


Built for Commercial purposes in mind, Our fly killing machines are built for low maintenance with metallic body construction, stylish electrolysis-treated finish with on/off switch and blue light fluorescent tubes that attract insects over a range of 100 square metres. Midlink fly killers are chemical free alternatives designed to work both in indoor environments like houses, offices, food preparation areas and hospitals.


  • It’s the most safest mean to control pests, without chemicals, fumes or sprays.
  • Protects the work space from insects without the use of aerosol sprays
  • Causes no harm to people or pets around.
  • Attracts insects effectively with powerful UV lamps.
  • High voltage grid, instantly exterminate flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps
  • Silent and effective operation.
  • Chemical free alternative to prevent unhygienic flying insects from invading the workplace