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Hand Dryers


Hand dryers are widely used to dry hands, and operate manually or automatically through infra-red sensor. Hand dryer is an effective way to cut cost on electricity and paper towels and practically reduces the solid paper waste to zero. Electrical Hand dryers has major impact on the environment by saving trees, that is cut down to make paper, and removes the wastage generated during the production of paper towels. We have models ranging from commercial hand dryers to aesthetically pleasing washroom and restroom hand dryers.

MIDLINK the leading supplier with wide range of automatic hand dryers, well knows for it’s compact design, superior quality and durability. Our Hand dryers are highly preferred for their economical value and aesthetic appeal, hand dryer cut costs by as much as 90%, when compared to paper towels. They require very little maintenance, whereas paper towel stocks need to be replaced, and used paper towels removed.
MIDLINK hand dryers are highly efficient with drying time of 10 secs, dimensions differ as per the specification and voltage support. Our Hand Dryers are available in Stainless Steel and ABS exterior body finish. Automatic Hand Dryers are equipped with infrared sensors for a hassle free operation and saves energy costs. Midlink hand dryers are highly suitable for use in areas like commercial washrooms, hotels, restaurants, rest rooms, toilets of offices, factories, retail stores, where these are more preferred in comparison to paper napkins or towels. Delivering optimum performance in drying hand using strong wind power for a quick dry.
Hand dryer saves the environment by reducing the usage of paper towels, saves gallons of water used in chemical treatment and cleansing, reduces the thousands of tons of landfill waste every year. We offer various models of electric hand dryers like jet hand dryer, stainless steel hand dryer, metal hand dryer, ABS hand dryer and high speed hand dryer etc.


  • Our Hand dryers are 80% Energy efficient compare to the conventional hand dryers.
  • Provides a hygienic environment, by keeping your hands and washrooms germ free.
  • Hand Dryers reduces carbon footprint by 70% as compared to paper dispensers.