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Opaque Pvc Strip Curtains

Opaque Pvc Strip Curtains

Opaque PVC Strip Curtains are used where ever there is a need for privacy, they act as a complete visual barrier to isolate work spaces completely from prying eyes, and they perform the usual functions of pvc strip curtains like temperature control and easy access. They are widely used in loading areas, airport baggage conveyors inspection areas and security checkpoints, where it is required to restrict the visual access behind the opening.

Opaque pvc strip curtains or coloured pvc curtains are entirely different from translucent and transparent pvc strip curtains as they do not allow light to pass through, and the objects on the other side cannot be seen, so they are not recommended in areas with traffic flow. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors. They also bock light effectively and can be used to control brightness within rooms.


  • Acts as a visual barrier, thereby offers privacy.
  • It can be use to create partitions easily.
  • It can be use to control the brightness within heavily lit areas.
  • Economical solution to partition work spaces.

They can be used to partition spaces with total privacy, and they are the most cost effective solution when compared to other construction materials. Midlink offers premium range of opaque pv strip curtains, they last long and do not bend, curve or break due to environmental conditions.