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Paper Dispensers

Paper Dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are widely used in public restrooms, kitchens and toilets, which is the primary alternative to Hand Dryers. We provide a wide range of paper towel dispensers, tissue paper dispensers and Jumbo roll dispensers, C & M fold paper dispensers. They come in automatic and manual variants and the most commonly used are, automatic paper dispensers with infrared motion sensors that dispenses a length of paper when it detects hand motion. The manual paper dispensers work through mechanical levers which dispenses paper to a particular length which can be cut and used for hand drying.

Our rolled hand towel dispensers are designed with cost-effectiveness, hygiene and comfort in mind. Perfect for single sheet dispensing in busy washrooms and food processing environments. Our paper dispensers are available in Stainless steel and ABS variants for a long lasting life, reliable performance and hassle free maintenance. Our tissue paper dispensers can blend with any interior design and ambience, made from perfectly selected components protects from vandalism.


  • Keeps our hands and washroom germ free.
  • Reliable performance with long lasting life.
  • Easy maintenance and better user experience.
  • Reduces tissue usage and wastage
  • Reduces costs and improves hygiene.

MIDLINK is the leading manufacturer, importer, and distributor of washroom products for nearly a decade. All our products are fully guaranteed and are manufactured to the highest standards. Our ranges of washroom products are available as for the end-users need and taste with competitive price and prompt delivery.