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Shoe Shiner Machines

Shoe Shiner Machines

Midlink Automatic Shoe Shine machines for a perfect polish and shine that maintains and improves the appearance of your shoe, in a hassle free way. We provide completely automatic shoe shine machine that shines your shoes faster. Touching or handling the shoes with bare hands is not necessary. So you are protected from pathogenic microorganisms and no need to handle the shoe polish or brushing the wax off.

Automatic shoe polishing machines operate with the help of infrared system or a contact switch or unique touch sensor to activate the motor. You can pre-clean the dirt on shoes or use one of the colored(for light and dark shoes) brush to polish the shoe. Brushes are made from quality woollen yarn. Apply Polish by placing the shoes near the dispenser of liquid polish, then proceed to polish the shoe with woollen polishing brush for the extra shine and sparkle.
Midlink Shoe Shining machines are stylish in shape and modest in dimension which makes this model a perfect shoe care item. Products Crafted from high quality materials, boasting a sleek design, our premium shoe shine machine will give you gleaming shoes in seconds – meaning you can stay effortlessly chic.
Our Shoe polishing machines provide a perfect shine in a convenient, quick and easy way. It perfectly blends with any interior design, ambience and environment like home, smaller boarding houses, office, clubs or hotels. Its design eschews sharp edges and high-quality finishing ensures little or no risk of damage to delicate leather uppers. All in all, an elegant shoe shines machine promises quick and efficient cleaning of any footwear.


  • Clean and easy way to shine shoes.
  • Hands free operation.
  • Keeps the surroundings clean.
  • Quality components ensures long lasting operation.
  • They are compact and portable.