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Welding Pvc Strip Curtains

Welding Pvc Strip Curtains

Welding PVC Strip Curtains are the safest and economical solution to confine the welding stations, and allows easy and safe passage to adjoining work spaces. They are highly resistant to fire, and protects from welding sparks, spatter and harmful ultra violet rays. Spatters – droplets of molten material and UV light is common in arc welding applications, which causes serious problem in tight works spaces, welding curtains and screens can be used to isolate those areas and they act as a barrier with visibility, so the welding stations can be safely supervised.

They can withstand welding sparks and extreme heat generated in welding booths for longer periods of time. Welding pvc sheets and strips can be used to create free standing panels usually known as welding screens or pvc strip curtains. You must also note that welding curtains and welding screens must not be used as a primary protection for eyes. We offer high grade welding PVC sheets, smooth and flexible, also a wide range of welding pvc strips to choose from. Welding PVC screens and strips can be purchased individually or as bulk rolls.


  • Economical solution for safety needs in welding booths.
  • Protects workers and equipment from welding spatters and sparks.
  • Acts as a filter and additional eye protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Specially formulated for welding booths, withstands heat and fire resistant.